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Lawrence Dyer is a British artist and writer who lives in Devon, England. He was born Lawrence Kenneth Dyer in October, 1956 in Billericay, England.

Lawrence is passionate about his artwork and writing. He primarily paints seascape and landscapes, but also does portraits. Find out more about his art and writing below...

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Lawrence Dyer's published writings include speculative fiction short stories and an autobiographical book about living in a remote stone cottage on the moors of England's Peak District. Find out more about this book here: A Cottage on the Moss. Discover his bibliography.

What kind of person is Lawrence Dyer? How does he see his role in the world? What are his aims in life? How might he possibly help you? You can find some answers to these questions by reading his Profile.

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It's a Lie That The Camera Never Lies
An article explaining that a photograph is not actually a 'true record' of something at all, despite the popular misconception to that effect.

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